Welcome to Save Our Shoreline’s Home Page

Save Our Shoreline is a non-profit, grass roots organization of property owners and others committed to the preservation of riparian rights along Michigan’s 3288 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. We invite you to explore this site to see what we are doing to preserve those rights. We have provided a narrative summary which describes our activities.  Click here to read the narrative summary with exhibits (19MB) or click here to read the summary without exhibits (18KB).  Current efforts have focused on preserving ownership to the water’s edge (Click here to read our Position Statement Regarding Ownership), preserving the right to groom Michigan’s traditional public and private recreational beaches, and protecting Michigan’s public beaches from federal encroachment. SOS depends on its membership dues and donations for continued funding. Please consider joining us, click here.


To organize waterfront property owners and those with similar interests consistent with the goals of the organization; to preserve and maintain riparian rights, including the right to maintain safe recreational beaches and waterfront areas, both public and private; and to preserve and maintain a proper balance for the coexistence of man and nature upon and near waterfront property.

10 Objectives Why Concerned Citizens Need To Support SOS

  1. A Check and Balance System that provides protection for owners’ property rights from over regulation.
  2. To support property owners’ needs to remove noxious weeds and feces of gulls and geese which are detrimental to the health of citizens.
  3. To unify property owners who are denied rights by government agencies.
  4. To support wetland protection and eradicate invasive species; especially phragmities.
  5. To generate legislation that clarifies laws so the law is not misinterpreted by government agencies and extreme environmentalists.
  6. That private and public beach property be governed equally.
  7. To support owners’ rights to clean their properties, maintaining the value the property had prior to new governmental regulations.
  8. To challenge ACOE and MDEQ science when faulty and results driven.
  9. To eliminate the need for permits to maintain our private beaches as we have in the past.
  10.  To establish that placing the OHWM anywhere above the water’s edge for the purpose of taking away private property rights is unconstitutional and has no basis under state law.